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Happy November!!  Today I am SO thrilled today to kick off the Fall/Winter edition of my 30 dresses in 30 Days series!  If you’re new here and missed my Spring/Summer edition, here’s the skinny: every day for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting a new favorite dress on instagram (@maryorton).   Each post will be geared towards a particular Fall/Winter occasion—everything from favorite fall activities like today’s hay ride dress, to dresses ideal for holiday parties, to the ideal new Year’s Eve dress, and all the way through Valentine’s Day!

I’m so grateful for your incredible reaction to my first 30 dresses in 30 Days series in March, so I’m very thrilled to get going on round two!  Today, I’m kicking things off with this red and black buffalo check dress, ideal for a fall hay ride, a fall bonfire or even a fall football game.

In addition to offering a fun collection of my favorite dresses, my goal with this series is to offer a true resource for navigating all of the season’s occasions—many of which really sneak up on us this time of year.  Especially in the lead up to the holidays, work and life often get in the way of planning ahead for the parties, events, trips, weddings and other occasions that make the fall and winter season seasons so special.  Whether you have a Thanksgiving soiree, a formal office holiday party or a family ski trip on the calendar, feeling like you “have nothing to wear” shouldn’t hold you back from diving head first into all the festivities (…especially because they pretty much all involve lots of booze and food, two things that ought to never be foregone due to a clothing quandary).

But even worse than feeling like you don’t have the best dress to wear is feeling like you actually don’t even know what the suitable dress is for the occasion.  Holy panic button.  What do I wear to a bridal shower next month?!  What the heck do I wear to a winter season wedding?  What do I wear to speak at a work conference this winter?!!

If you’ve stressed about these sartorial challenges in the past, tension no more.  Over the next 30 days, I’ll be breaking down every upcoming fall and winter season occasion, so you can just focus on the stuff that really matters, like your Black Friday shopping technique or how you’re going to make conversation with your strange Uncle Tony when you’re stuck sitting next to him again this Thanksgiving.

To begin this series and give you all of the juicy deets, I’m sharing day one’s fall hay ride dress here on the blog today.  From here on out, I’ll be sharing the dresses exclusively on instagram (@maryorton), with links to both the dress I’m wearing and additional dresses that I think are ideal for the occasion under the 30 dresses tab you see on the top navigation bar here on memorandum.com.  I’ll also be sharing additional exclusive content with my email subscribers, so if you haven’t registered yet, certainly get on it here!

At the end of the series, I’ll be publishing a new and improved version of my dress MEMO as well so stay tuned!  In the meantime, I have lots of other fun content that I’ll be sharing on the blog this month and will be giving occasional updates on the #30DressesIn30Days series here as well.  For now, get ready for dress número dos coming up first thing tomorrow morning on instagram.  Can’t wait to share all of these beauties with you guys!


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